I guess I write some kind of /week|month|year/-notes now:

  1. March 2021 - Avoiding ant farms; SQL Analytics; “I like to move it move it”; Understanding calendars; School?! Holidays?!; Hades; “I tried to connect on linkedin”; Running; Books
  2. February 2021 - What is work if it’s not in a team; An economic theory; A simple recipe; “Spiral” / «Engrenages»; Reduce, Reuse,Recycle ♻️; The impermanence of friendship; A kitchenupgrade; Running; Books
  3. January 2021 - Ears; A smell; Excess water; The life and times of Carrotstick; Mando!; The groaning trencher there ye fill; On cutting sausages; Running; Books
  4. ~2020 - A retrospective on the whole of 2020. In short: “But then lockdown …”

There's a feed of these notes if you'd like that.